NY State Early Intervention Services

Special Education is one of the support services offered to infants and toddlers by the New York Early Intervention Program (EI). The focus of these sessions is to help the child meet specified goals and achieve developmental milestones. Special Educators serve families in various ways to contribute to the cognitive and social development of the child. They aid in the design of the child’s natural environment and daily activities to promote the child’s attention, play, response to their environment, follow-through of directions, and more. These professionals use infant/toddler educational curriculums, activity sheets, and developmentally appropriate toys to facilitate learning and to target the use of learned skills throughout the child’s daily environment. Sessions are conducted alongside the parents/caregivers to guide and help them incorporate the different goals that their child is working on into the family’s routines.


ABA is a proven therapy used in the Early Intervention Program to address the developmental needs of children with autism spectrum disorders. While many ABA programs focus on a single educational approach, The Children’s Circle incorporates both directive and naturalistic teaching methods tailored to the needs of each child. Developed and overseen by a clinical psychologist who is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D), City Pro’s curriculum includes the following six components:

  • Discrete trial teaching (DTT)
  • Mand training
  • Incidental and natural environment teaching (NET)
  • Play, joint attention and socialization skills
  • Self-help and adaptive skills
  • Functional behavior assessment and behavior intervention plans

To ensure consistent and effective care,The Children’s Circle provides ongoing training and supervision for all clinical providers.  These training’s ensure that our clinical team is equipped to use all evidence based practices as the research evolves and our knowledge base grows.

Pre- School Services (ages 3-5)

Our goal is to provide superior, individualized special education services so that preschool children meet their full potential and remain in the mainstream school system. Our special education itinerant teachers are licensed by the State Education Department and work on a one to one basis with each child in the child’s preschool environment. Out teachers treat a variety of disorders including attention deficit, social-emotional difficulties and cognitive, gross, and fine motor issues.